Million Dollar Speaking: The Professional's Guide to Building Your Platform

Book description

Make your move into, or improve your position in, the powerful world of professional speaking

If you think you have what it takes to speak professionally, or you've already been doing so with insufficient reward, now is the time to make your move.

Bestselling business author and Professional Speaking Hall of Fame member Alan Weiss offers the inside advice you need to turn your talent into a high-paying career—from honing your delivery skills to building a business. In Million Dollar Speaking, you’ll learn the critical skills of

  • Dealing with difficult crowds
  • Creating powerful speeches
  • Targeting high-potential markets
  • Creating a "star" reputation
  • Setting fees that reflect your outstanding value
  • Perfecting platform skills—making ¬them the best in the business
  • Expanding your business through diversification

Weiss has packed the guide with tips, resources, helpful examples, and checklists that make it easy for you to keep a record of your progress. Whether you're a trainer, workshop leader, or consultant, Million Dollar Speaking has what you need to get on the paid public-speaking circuit in no time.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Million Dollar Speaking
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  7. PART ONE Savvy
    1. CHAPTER 1 When Are You a Professional?
      1. After all, we’re all speaking, often simultaneously
      2. Whither Goest?
      3. Why Sizzle and Steak Are Both Required for Fine Dining
      4. The True Speaker Is Not a Performing Seal
      5. Alan’s Million Dollar Speaking Profile
      6. The Diverse (and Daunting) Speaker Scenarios
      7. The Vagaries of the Trade
      8. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 2 Establishing Your Market
      1. Whom do you want to listen?
      2. Creating Value Propositions
      3. Get the Dummy Off the Cover
      4. Alan’s 12 Steps to Creating Market “Reach”
      5. The Litmus Test of Real, Imaginary, and “Woo-Woo” Markets
      6. Organizing Your Approach: The Easiest Route Is Usually the Best
      7. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 3 Positioning and Becoming an Object of Interest
      1. Tell them what they need to know, not everything that you know
      2. Being Around a Long Time Makes You Older, but Not Necessarily Better
      3. Transforming Intellectual Capital into Intellectual Property
      4. Establishing Viral Interest
      5. Nine Best Practices to Increase Your Business
      6. If You Don’t Blow Your Own Horn, There Is No Music
      7. Fish Swim, but Different Strokes for Different Folks
      8. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 4 Establishing Fees
      1. How much do you charge? How much have you got?
      2. The Three Basic Fee Ranges You Must Create
      3. Taking Out the Middlemen: Dealing Only with True Buyers
      4. Providing the Choice of “Yeses”
      5. Turning an Event into a Process and Tripling Your Success
      6. 40 Ways to Increase Your Fees
      7. Increasing Fee Velocity
      8. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 5 Modern Marketing
      1. I don’t care about the cost; get me Jane Jones!
      2. The Magic and Myth of the Internet
      3. Working (or Not) with Bureaus and Avoid Being a Hired Hand
      4. Trade Associations: Make Money and Market Concurrently
      5. Where and How to Publish
      6. The Zeitgeist of Marketing: The Market Gravity Cycle
      7. Summary
    6. CHAPTER 6 Lean and Mean
      1. You don’t need a staff, unless it’s a stick to walk through the woods
      2. Wealth Is Discretionary Time
      3. Alan’s Five Essential and Legitimate Staff Characteristics
      4. You’re a Professional Speaker, Not a Hired Hand
      5. The Sources of Sound, Objective, Professional Feedback and Why Unsolicited Feedback Will Kill You
      6. Small Print: Incorporation, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Taxes, Yada Yada
      7. Summary
  8. PART TWO Steak
    1. CHAPTER 7 Accelerating and Accentuating Your Appeal
      1. Becoming the “go-to” resource
      2. The Amazing Secret Leverage of Process Trumping Content
      3. The Myth of “Shelf Life” and the Creation of Long-Term Intellectual Property
      4. Why You’ll Seldom Get Tossed Out for Using Common Sense
      5. The Use of Metaphor, Visuals, and Pragmatic Change Devices
      6. 15 Immediate Expansion Sources for Your Speaking Business
      7. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 8 Creating Great Speeches and Workshops
      1. The rules and regulations for formulating great content
      2. Using Original Sources with Your Own Original Material
      3. People Learn in Differing Ways: Not Everyone Is as Smart as We Think We Are
      4. The 90-Minute Rule
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 9 From Steady, to Surfer, to Star
      1. Hey, aren’t you . . .? Why, yes, I am!
      2. Refusing Business (Yes, Refusing Business)
      3. Rising above the Crowd by Avoiding Meat Market Mentalities
      4. The Three Kinds of Speaker and Why Only One Gets Wealthy
      5. Parachute Examples
      6. 15 Conditions That Support Raising Fees
      7. Summary
  9. PART THREE Sizzle
    1. CHAPTER 10 Stage Work
      1. The speech was five minutes . . . there were dull stretches
      2. The Myth of Body Language, Gestures, and Movement
      3. Alan’s 10 Interpersonal Techniques (and Expert Devices) to Engage the Audience
      4. 20 Great Ways to Engage Almost Any Audience
      5. Biding Your Time
      6. Adjusting for Trouble
      7. Turning Errors and/or Troubles into the Extraordinary
      8. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 11 Yawn: Passive Income
      1. How much did we make overnight?
      2. 10 Ideas for Product and Service Revenue Generation
      3. The Accelerant Curve
      4. Building Communities: REV—Creating Evergreen Clients
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 12 Preparing for Success
      1. Go ahead, treat yourself
      2. TIAABB: There Is Always a Bigger Boat
      3. Ethical Considerations: A Speaker’s Creed
      4. Personal and Professional Rewards
      5. Paying Back
      6. Summary
    1. Alan’s Accelerators for New Speakers
    2. Alan’s Accelerators for Veteran Speakers
    3. Alan’s Advice for Bureaus
  13. INDEX
  14. Footnote
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Product information

  • Title: Million Dollar Speaking: The Professional's Guide to Building Your Platform
  • Author(s): Alan Weiss
  • Release date: October 2010
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071745673