Chapter 4

Getting Ready for Your Mindful Eating Journey

In This Chapter

arrow Finding the middle way with your diet

arrow Discovering the benefits of keeping a mindful eating journal

arrow Exploring the four A’s of changing mindless habits

arrow Setting realistic expectations and identifying your goals

Your brain is incredibly adaptable when it comes to learning new skills. It can override old, mindless habits and embrace new, mindful ways of living and eating that are more supportive of your health goals and well-being.

In this chapter I prepare you for the mindful changes to come, looking at how you can lay the groundwork for a successful journey from mindless to mindful eating.

Discovering Your Middle-Way Approach

Extremism. You may be very familiar with it. If so, you’re not alone. Extremism is quite common in our culture as many people struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality. For instance, extremism in eating can result in yo-yo dieting, which is an unpleasant cycle to get caught in. This type of eating pattern leads to the familiar oscillations between:

  • Striving and then flopping
  • Starting and ...

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