Chapter 6

Choosing Healthy Foods Mindfully

In This Chapter

arrow Making smart food choices mindfully

arrow Understanding the difference between real and processed foods

arrow Exploring mindful grocery shopping tips

Mindful eating is a non-dietary-specific approach to eating. When it comes to exploring mindful eating, it’s not for me to say, ‘You should eat this,’ or ‘You should eat that.’ Mindful eating focuses on how and why you eat, rather than on what you eat. What you choose to eat is ultimately up to you, but mindful eating helps you navigate your food choices so that you feel good about the foods you eat. Through the process of mindful eating you start to notice things like, ‘This doesn’t make me feel good when I eat it,’ or ‘I feel better when I eat more fruit and less junk food.’

You naturally want to eat better and make smarter food choices because you want to feel good. Mindful eating incorporates awareness around informed food choices. In fact, you probably don’t realize that some of your food choices are actually promoting mindless rather than mindful eating. In this chapter, I explore some of the basic foundations of making mindfully healthy food choices.

When you begin to eat more ...

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