Chapter 7

Mindful Meal Preparation

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring your kitchen as a healing sanctuary

arrow Discovering how to detoxify your kitchen

arrow Approaching meal preparation with creative flair

One of the primary purposes of mindful eating is to foster a healthy relationship with food. This means taking into account the consequences of your food choices on your health.

Since mindful eating encompasses the time before and after meals, it includes the mindful preparation of your meals – preparing and eating whole, organic foods as much as possible and limiting time spent eating out at restaurants.

The kitchen was once the focal point of the house, and people devoted a lot more time to making and preparing meals from scratch. In this chapter explore how you can get reacquainted with your kitchen and set it up to support you and your mindful eating goals.

Exploring Your Relationship with Your Kitchen

Let’s face it, in today’s reality, you may not have the time (or don’t want to make the time) to feed yourself healthfully.

trythis_fmt.eps Take a moment to reflect on what your current relationship is to cooking ...

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