Chapter 8

Tooling Up for Mindful Eating

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring your body from the inside out with the body scan

arrow Finding out how to tune into hunger and fullness levels

arrow Avoiding distractions whilst eating

arrow Discovering the benefits of slowing down your eating habits

Imagine that you have a mindful eating tool belt and each tool represents a different skill that you can draw upon. In this chapter you’ll become familiar with five very handy mindful eating tools that you can practice and utilize in any situation. Cultivating the following five skills helps you on your path to eating more mindfully:

  • Practicing a body scan
  • Tuning into your hunger with the hunger-fullness scale
  • Eating without distraction
  • Giving thanks
  • Slowing down

The first two skills are related to inner body awareness. When you practice and become familiar with the body scan, you can implement a shorter version of it before meals, which naturally leads you into hunger and fullness exploration.

After you’ve tuned into your inner body awareness, with the third skill, you shift your focus to your external environment ...

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