Chapter 14

Ten (or so) Misconceptions about Mindfulness

In This Chapter

arrow Overcoming mental barriers to practicing mindfulness

arrow Recognizing misconceptions about mindfulness

arrow Understanding core concepts of mindfulness

Mindfulness is not what you think – literally! Don’t let your misconceptions about mindfulness prevent you from diving in. This chapter dispels some of the most common misconceptions about mindfulness. Do you recognize yourself holding on to any of the following beliefs about mindfulness?

I Can’t Stop Thinking! Am I Doing It Wrong?

Many people assume that when they sit down to meditate they’ll feel this wave of bliss pass over them and all thoughts, cares and desires will fade away with each out-breath. Wouldn’t that be nice? But when people actually sit down and tune into what’s going on in their minds, they’re shocked at how chaotic it can be up there!

If you’ve ever sat in meditation, even if it was only for as little as 60 seconds, then you probably came to the same conclusion that most people do – stopping thinking is quite challenging! No one can simply flick a switch and make their minds go blank – and that’s quite all right. Virtually everyone who starts practicing ...

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