Chapter 15

Top Ten Tips for Mindful Eating

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering simple tips to slow down while eating

arrow Implementing mindful eating tips alone or with others

arrow Reminding yourself to practice mindful eating

Want some easy and fun mindful eating tips to incorporate into your daily routine? In this chapter are ten quick and easy ways to incorporate mindfulness while eating, whether you are alone or with others. These tips are simple yet powerful reminders to slow down and engage with the experience of eating. For best results, implement them on a daily basis!

Sit Down (but Not in the Car)

Although mindfulness is by no means only associated with sitting down, practicing mindful eating is often easier while sitting at a table. When you eat while standing, for the most part, you’re usually multitasking, grazing on countertop leftovers or eating on the run – which makes it a lot more challenging to be mindful! Sitting down encourages you to slow down and take the time to tune into the process of eating.

There is a caveat to this guideline – one place you don’t want to be sitting while eating is in the car! According to food journalist Michael Pollan, in the US about 20 percent of food ...

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