Chapter 16

(Almost) Ten Ways to Mindlessly Eat Less

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring tips to mindlessly eat less

arrow Finding convenient, mindless ways to automatically eat more healthily

arrow Discovering your mindless margin

If you could find a way to eat less without noticing, would you implement those changes? Well, there is a way – in fact, many ways, and they’re easier to incorporate into your day than you may think.

This book is on mindful eating, so why would I hint that you may benefit from engaging in mindless eating habits? Because you’re human! No matter how much you practice mindful eating and how much more aware you become around your eating habits, certain mindless tendencies can always trip up even the most mindful of eaters. This chapter offers tips on how you can take mindful action to automatically prevent the mindless tendencies we all have to overeat and actually gear yourself to eat less, but without even noticing!

Rethink Convenience

You’re geared towards convenience and naturally gravitate towards the path of least resistance. This tendency is so powerful that it can mostly go unnoticed. The simple act of having to get up for seconds, or open a cupboard door for a snack, ...

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