Chapter 9

Week 2: Observing the Mind-Body Connection


Looking at two scenarios where work affects both the mind and body

Digging into the science behind the mind-body connection

Being mindful of your body’s signals to your brain

Trying the body scan exercise

Practicing WorkplaceMT exercises for Week 2

Do you spend long hours working on the computer? Many people now do. Although working at the computer may not be a physically demanding job, it can be tough on your body.

This chapter is all about reconnecting with your body at work. Traditional theories in psychology state that the brain generates behaviour. Most recent developments in neuroscience are now rewriting the brain’s job description with studies that show that people’s thoughts also have a foundation in their bodies. Although the brain is important, it isn’t the only resource you have for problem solving and managing your behaviour. Reconnecting with your body is proven to improve health, well-being and productivity. It can even make you happier.

Exploring the Impact of Work on Your Body

Your body is sensitive to even the tiniest hint of emotions. Working under pressure can lead your body into a high state of alert. Your body doesn’t differentiate between a life-and-death threat and a stroppy boss or overdemanding client. It treats them in the same way. It prepares itself to fight or run away fast. In this aroused state, the body can lock in tension and hold onto it for very long periods of time.

In the ...

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