Chapter 3

Applying Mindfulness in the Workplace

In This Chapter

arrow Dealing with uncertainty in the modern-day workplace

arrow Changing your mindset

arrow Making time for mindfulness in your day

arrow Exploring mindfulness exercises

M indfulness is all well and good, but how do you apply it effectively in the workplace? That’s exactly what you find out in this chapter. You also discover why mindfulness is more important than ever in the modern workplace and find out lots of practical ways to start ‘mindfulnessing’ within minutes!

Gaining Perspective in the Modern-Day Workplace

Fifty years ago, a sizeable proportion of the population got a job and worked for that organisation until they retired. The key benefit resulting from this scenario was a sense of security and stability — you knew what to expect.

For students looking for a job today, things are very different. A recent survey of workers found that one in three remains in a job for less than two years. This massive change in people’s working lives is bound to have an impact — sometimes positive, but often negative. In this section, we cover how mindfulness ...

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