Chapter 4

Boosting your Mental Resilience

In This Chapter

arrow Managing multiple, conflicting demands productively

arrow Developing effective strategies for working with difficult people

arrow Maintaining peak productivity while looking after your wellbeing

arrow Looking after yourself

W e all go to work to do a good job, and I’m sure that you’re no exception. Unfortunately, the world of work can be challenging, which can make it difficult for you to perform at your best.

Change is the most common source of pressure at work. In the world of work, change is nothing new. In fact, you can argue that change is the only constant in life. What is different nowadays is that the pace of change is accelerating; uncertainty and instability are the norm in today’s work environment.

Other sources of pressure you may encounter in the workplace include relationships with colleagues and peers, lack of clarity about job roles, work demands, degree of control over work, and support from colleagues and superiors.

This chapter explores how you can overcome work challenges by using mindfulness to boost your mental resilience. ...

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