Chapter 7

Integrating Mindfulness with Coaching

In This Chapter

arrow Taking a mindful approach to coaching

arrow Looking at practical ways to coach with mindfulness

M ost medium- to large-sized organisations now offer coaching for their staff. The reason is simple — coaching is one of the most effective ways of achieving staff development.

Business and executive coaches are increasingly integrating mindfulness into their approach. The early adopters practised mindfulness for many years before the emergence of supporting research gave them the confidence to openly introduce the techniques to their clients. Nowadays, as mindfulness goes mainstream, we find that business coaches are approaching us to help them incorporate the techniques in their own work. Offering ways to help clients fulfil their potential is what coaches are all about, so their own mastery of the techniques creates a win-win situation.

In this chapter we cover the basics of mindfulness coaching. We also talk about overcoming self-doubt and increasing clarity to integrate mindfulness into coaching.

Discovering Mindful Coaching

Mindful coaching is the process of sharing mindfulness-based values and exercises to help individuals or teams to develop both professionally and/or personally. The development occurs as a result of ...

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