Chapter 9

Thriving on the Challenges of Leadership

In This Chapter

arrow Flourishing in your leadership role

arrow Boosting your resilience using mindfulness

arrow Discovering how you can become a more mindful leader

arrow Leading your organisation mindfully

M ost people spend a huge amount of their time at work. It stands to reason, therefore, that work should make you feel good about yourself, give you a sense of personal mastery and be fun. Unfortunately, many people find work to be stressful, demotivating and frustrating. Great leaders identify what motivates people and match their skills to those needed by the organisation, thus creating a win-win situation. In order to create this situation, leaders need to be in a fit state to lead others.

In this chapter we take a look at leadership roles and how to use mindfulness if you’re in one!

Understanding Different Leadership Theories

Ideas about what makes a good leader have changed dramatically over time. Most recently, contingency theories (such as situational leadership) argue that no one leadership style is correct and that as a leader you need to ...

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