Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little Exercises for a Calmer Life

Book description

Follow-up to the bestselling Mindfulness: Be Mindful. Live in the Moment.

Gill Hasson, author of the bestselling Mindfulness is back and this time you can fit her advice in your pocket! This little book is packed with over 100 quick exercises, each dealing with a different situation, to help you get calm, collected, and balanced. So whenever you start to feel the stress mounting, reach for your Mindfulness Pocketbook, find the relevant exercise and instantly make life better!

So if you feel like life is moving too fast and you're struggling to keep up with constant demands and commitments, don't let anxiety and worry get the better of you — integrate these mindfulness exercises, practices, and reflections into your daily life and get in control and feel more confident, calm, and present. By progressing through the pocketbook, you will develop mindful ways of thinking and doing that will benefit a wide range of situations in your personal, social, and work life.

Slow down, take a deep breath, and take that step toward an easier and more manageable life. The Mindfulness Pocketbook will help you:

  • Move in the direction of greater calm, balance, and wellbeing

  • Increase your insight and awareness

  • Break free from unhelpful thoughts and thinking patterns, feel more confident, and have better self-esteem

  • Be more able to manage other people's demands, stress, anxiety, and worry

  • Experts increasingly recognise that developing mindfulness skills is an effective way to improve performance, reduce stress, enhance emotional intelligence, increase life satisfaction, and develop leadership skills. A mindful person consciously brings awareness to the here-and-now with openness, interest, and receptiveness. Mindfulness Pocketbook is the take-with-you guide to receptive, constructive thinking.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Dedication
    4. Introduction
    5. 1. Creating a mindfulness habit
    6. 2. Bringing Out Your Confidence
    7. 3. Carrying Yourself with Confidence
    8. 4. Developing Your Ability to ‘READ’ Others
    9. 5. Keeping On Top When the Pressure is On
    10. 6. Using Your Breath
    11. 7. Managing Interruptions
    12. 8. Being Spiritually Aware
    13. 9. Listening Instead of Just Hearing
    14. 10. Having A Beginner's Mind
    15. 11. Slowing Down
    16. 12. Gaining A Sense of Perspective
    17. 13. Finding A Way To Forgive
    18. 14. Taking Mouthfuls of Mindfulness
    19. 15. Acknowledging and Being Aware
    20. 16. Optimizing Your Time
    21. 17. Falling Asleep
    22. 18. Being Generous
    23. 19. Focusing Your Multi-Tasking
    24. 20. Tuning Into Your Intuition
    25. 21. Asserting Yourself and Saying No
    26. 22. Accepting this is What it is
    27. 23. Overcoming Cravings
    28. 24. Problem Solving with Creative Thinking
    29. 25. Letting Go of Worry and Anxiety
    30. 26. Making Small Talk
    31. 27. Making Balanced Decisions
    32. 28. Putting Jealousy Behind You
    33. 29. Spending Time with Positive People
    34. 30. Holding Back From Overeating
    35. 31. Being Non-Judgemental
    36. 32. Doing Work that Matches Your Values
    37. 33. Building Your Courage
    38. 34. Being Persuasive
    39. 35. Commuting: Taking it in Your Stride
    40. 36. Taking Control of Anger
    41. 37. Dealing with Rudeness
    42. 38. Understanding Where Your Food Comes From
    43. 39. Understanding that All Things Come and Go
    44. 40. Switching off the Engine of Your Mind
    45. 41. Building Up Your Willpower
    46. 42. Practising Compassion
    47. 43. Meeting Deadlines
    48. 44. Having Patience in the Unfolding of Events
    49. 45. Managing Distractions
    50. 46. Being Thankful
    51. 47. Giving Compliments
    52. 48. Cooking and Connecting with Food
    53. 49. Banishing Boredom
    54. 50. Managing Moments of Loneliness
    55. 51. Performing Spontaneous Acts of Kindness
    56. 52. Focusing and Engaging Your Attention
    57. 53. Managing Change
    58. 54. Knowing when to Start Over
    59. Conclusion
    60. About the author
    61. More Mindful Quotes and Sayings
    62. Advertisement
    63. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little Exercises for a Calmer Life
    • Author(s): Gill Hasson
    • Release date: April 2015
    • Publisher(s): Capstone
    • ISBN: 9780857085894