Chapter Eight

Conclusion – Mindscaping Tibetophilia

A week before Chai Chunya’s talk at Renmin University, Pema Tseden sent me a text-message inviting me to the premiere of Dai Wei’s Once Upon a Time in Tibet (2011) with Sonthar Gyal, Dukar Tserang, Tserang Dondrub, and other core members of his filmmaking. Prior to Once Upon a Time in Tibet, Dai Wei was already widely known among artists and filmmakers in Beijing for her fiction film Ganglamedo (2006). As friends of Pema Tseden, Dai Wei gave us VIP seats. The theater was festively packed. In the hallway I saw familiar faces of Tibet fans from Beijing Film Academy, CCTV, the Central Academy of Drama, singers, actors, writers, and a few PR directors of film gear rental companies. In many ways, ...

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