So you want to mod Minecraft — that’s a great idea! You’re about to be transformed from a Minecraft player into a Minecraft maker, and in order to get there, you have to learn how to code. The task is quite simple, because you’ll use many of the skills you already have — logic, creativity, math, gaming, and problem solving — to design, build, test, and share Minecraft mods. This book tells you everything, from building a large house to making a multiplayer game that you can play inside Minecraft with your friends.

About This Book

Minecraft modding used to be a task that only expert coders could take on. And becoming an expert coder was no easy task, because that topic is rarely taught in school. Luckily, the information in this book shows you how to be a coder and how to be a Minecraft modder. Like content across the entire For Dummies series, this book is clearly written, fun to read, and organized in an easy-access format. By using your new skills, you can be well on your way to coding successfully in other applications and transforming the way you and your friends play Minecraft.

Modding Minecraft For Kids For Dummies is assembled as a series of mods that feature steps for designing, building, and testing each mod, from start to finish. As you work through each project, keep a couple of conventions in mind:

Programming code and web addresses appear in monofont. If you’re reading a digital version of this book on a device connected to the Internet, note that you ...

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