Project 1

Getting Started on Modding Minecraft

In this book, I show you how to write minigame Minecraft mods. A minigame Minecraft mod is a game that you play inside of Minecraft. You can see how to make several minigames and gain the skills you need to perfect a minigame of your own creation.

The LearnToMod online software teaches you how to make modifications, or mods, that you can run in the multiplayer version of Minecraft. With hundreds of badges to guide you through various programming concepts and mods, you’ll gain the skills necessary to make creative mods of your own. You should have some basic familiarity with playing Minecraft, but you don’t need to be an expert. All you need is the computer version of Minecraft and an Internet connection.

In this chapter, I explain what a mod is, describe how to use the LearnToMod online software and how to connect to the LearnToMod multiplayer Minecraft Server, and spell out how to use the basic tools, such as invisible robots, that you need in order to make your own, fun-filled mods.


Know What Minecraft Modding Is

Video games are made up of thousands of lines of code. Code makes players (like you) able to explore new worlds, interact with characters, and have fun.

Some games, like Minecraft, allow players to add their own code to the games to create new worlds, challenges, or even characters. Throughout this book, I show you how ...

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