Project 3

Building and Protecting Structures

In this project, I walk you through the steps to build and protect structures in your Minecraft world. First I describe how to build small structures like towers, and then I progress into how to build complex, intricate structures like houses, castles, and villages. I tell you how to build a structure brick by brick, how to protect your structures with lightning, and then how to use loops to build them faster.


Use Drones to Build Structures in Minecraft

Building structures is made much easier when you can use drones. A drone is an invisible robot that can move around and place blocks and entities at its location. In this section, you start building structures in Minecraft using drones — knowledge that comes in handy when you need to build large structures.

For example, in Project 4, I show you how to make the game of Spleef, which requires you to create a platform with a short fence around it and then put lava all over the platform. Then you have to create another platform with a tall fence around it, directly above the first platform you made. Because the platform has to be at least 20 blocks wide, placing the platform brick by brick would take a long time. (That’s more than 1,000 blocks!) Instead, you can write a mod that builds these platforms, and you can play lots of versions of the game without having to rebuild it every time. ...

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