Project 4

Making a Single-Player Game in Minecraft: Spleef

One of the most complex (but also fun!) Minecraft mods that you can make is a minigame inside of Minecraft. In this project, I guide you in making Spleef, a game in which a player walks around a platform and makes a block disappear by stepping on it. Using this simple idea, you can make a lot of variations of Spleef — for example:

  • Players have to try to not fall into the lava that you have placed underneath the platform.
  • After you put lava underneath the platform and other entities in the arena, players try to make the other entities fall into the lava before they do.
  • In a game in which you’ve made multiple levels of platforms, players have to collect items on each level before they fall through to the level beneath them.
  • In a multiplayer game, players have to try not to fall before the opposing player falls.

In this project, I show you how to make a simple Spleef game, and I give you tips on how to extend Spleef to make it your own.


Introduce the Gameplay Loop

Before you jump into making a game, even a simple one like Spleef, spend some time designing it so that you can prevent major errors when you go to develop it. As I mention in Project 3, you should always design your code before writing it. When you have a program that is complex, like a game, this rule becomes critical because it has so many pieces of code ...

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