Project 5

Making a Multilevel Minecraft Minigame: Monster Arena

Monster Arena is a multilevel Minecraft minigame in which the player is placed in a large arena with monsters that spawn around a melon block. The player’s goal is to reach the melon cube without being attacked by the monsters. Every time the player reaches the melon cube, the moves on to the next level, with more monsters that are harder to defeat. The goal of the game is to reach the highest level possible before being defeated by the monsters.

In this project, I explain how to make a Minecraft mod that creates this game within Minecraft. Then you and your friends can play Monster Arena and see who can defeat the most monsters! Figure 5-1 shows you how the final game will look, with five creepers standing between you and the melon block.


Draw the Gameplay Loop

Before you begin coding your game, you must draw the gameplay loop for the Monster Arena game. Figure 5-2 shows the first iteration of the loop, as described in this list:

  • Start: Build the arena
  • Goal: Break the melon block
  • Challenge: Add monsters
  • Reward: Level up

In each iteration of the gameplay loop, you enhance each piece. To start ...

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