Chapter 5. Subtask 3: Light an LED with a Pushbutton

Subtask 3 will add to the same circuit you assembled for Subtasks 1 and 2 by introducing the single pushbutton component to the mini breadboard, as seen in Figure 5-1. Subtask 3 will require the following additional components beyond what you’ve already assembled. All of these are available in the Mintronics: Survival Pack:

  • 1 resistor, 100 ohm (minimum)

  • 1 red jumper wire (3 inches in length)

  • 3 blue jumper wires (make two of them 2 inches in length, and one of them 4 inches; they can be any color except red or black)

  • 1 pushbutton


By the end of this Subtask, you will probably have exhausted the supply of jumper wire that came with the Survival Pack, and will need to dip into your jumper wire kit ...

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