Appendix D

Network Coding

D.1 Nonbinary NC based on UE Cooperation

proof (Theorem 8.3.1)

One possibility to measure the performance in the range of medium-to-high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), outage probabilities are considered, represented by the diversity order d. Recall from Chapter 5, d can be expressed as:


where P is the relevant error probability under consideration (e.g. frame error probability or outage probability). Clearly, a received codeword is obtained as img, where img and img are transmitted and received channel codewords, respectively; img is additive white Gaussian noise with zero-mean and unit variance; img denotes the fading channel gain. The index img denotes the transmitting user U1 or U2, denotes the receiving Base Station (BS), U1 and U2, respectively, and k denotes the time slot. ...

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