8.6 3G/HSPA

8.6.1 Bearers and Their Attributes

End-to-end service in 3G, with the related bearers is shown in Figure 8.11. The attributes of the UMTS bearers are listed in Table 8.5.

Figure 8.11 3G bearers [35].


Table 8.5 UMTS bearer service attributes [35].

Attribute Description
Residual bit error rate (BER) Indicates the undetected BER in the delivered SDUs. If no error detection is requested, residual BER indicates the BER in the delivered SDUs.
SDU format information Indicates the exact size of SDUs
Sdu error rate Indicates the fraction of SDUs lost or detected as erroneous.
Delivery of erronous SDUs Indicates whether erroneous SDUs are delivered, or discarded.
Max SDU size Maximum SDU size for which the network shall satisfy the negotiated QoS.
Delivery order Defines whether the UMTS bearer provides in-sequence SDU delivery, or not.
Transfer delay Maximum delay (95th percentile of the distribution of delay) for all delivered SDUs during the bearer service.
Traffic class Defines the type of application for which the bearer service is optimized. Values: conversational/streaming/interactive/background
Traffic handling priority (THP) Relative importance of SDUS compared to SDUs of other bearers within interactive class. Values: 1, 2 or 3. Used in scheduling, as an alternative to absolute guarantees.
Allocation and retention priority (ARP) Priority of the ...

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