SECTION I Basic Principles


1 The Discrete Fourier Transform

Bryan Usevitch

2 Pulse Code Modulation

Leon W. Couch II

3 Baseband Signaling and Pulse Shaping

Michael L. Honig and Melbourne Barton

4 Complex Envelope Representations for Modulated Signals

Leon W. Couch II

5 Modulation Methods

Gordon L. Stüber

6 Error Control Coding

Thomas E. Fuja

7 Information Theory

Emmanuel Abbe, Bixio Rimoldi, and Rüdiger Urbanke

8 Rayleigh Fading Channels

Bernard Sklar

9 Channel Equalization

John G. Proakis

10 Echo Cancellation

Giovanni Cherubini

11 Synchronization of Communication Receivers

Costas N. Georghiades and Erchin Serpedin

12 Pseudonoise Sequences

Tor Helleseth and P. Vijay Kumar

13 Introduction to Spread Spectrum ...

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