Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, rule the marketplace. Regardless of whether these devices are employees’ personal devices or company-issued, you need to adopt best practices in an effort to secure them. It’s an effort, because very little planning and budget are devoted to these powerful little devices; but you have to have a plan for securing your company and its network, people, resources, and information.

This book helps you plan for mobile device security in your business and extend it into the lives and homes of your company’s employees. Having a plan helps you plead your case to management, and this book gives you the background you need to make the best decisions for your own implementation of mobile security, management, and control.

We (the authors) work on mobile security software and hardware and have worked for many years on security software implementation throughout the world. This is not to emphasize our massive intelligence in the matter, but rather point out that we’ve seen just about every marketplace and every issue that various IT departments and network administrators face in implementing a mobile strategy. And because we work for Juniper Networks, on the Junos Pulse product team, we know intimately what our customers need. In this book, we give you a view of the mobile security world from a collective viewpoint: beginner, implementer, and successful provider. Regardless of whether you choose Junos Pulse or another solution, ...

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