Appendix E: Revision History

REC-GML2 (Recommendation, 2001-02-20):

  • extensive restructuring of content

  • fixed usage of 'type' attribute in xlinks utility schema

  • the XLink schema is now normative

  • feature collections can now be empty (per OGC Abstract Specification)

  • renamed FeatureMemberType and GeometryMemberType to FeatureAssociationType and GeometryAssociationType, respectively

  • updated UML diagrams

  • added UML diagrams for the 'Cambridge' and 'Schools' examples

  • expanded discussion about profiles and application frameworks (sec. 7)

PR-GML2 (Proposed Recommendation, 2001-01-15):

  • Moved discussion of XLink attributes to section 4.4 and deleted the GeoLinks schema

  • Removed material on temporal data (sec. 6) to a separate GML Module

  • purged RDF remnants

  • changed ...

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