Chapter 2. Mapping Out Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

In This Chapter

  • Understanding how mobile marketing fits into your marketing plans

  • Identifying key players to help enable your strategy

  • Calculating the costs of mobile marketing

  • Aligning goals to your potential reach

Developing a mobile marketing strategy can be fairly straightforward; however, the task does involve reviewing a lot of data and sifting through marketing objective, technology, and channel details that are unique to mobile marketing. You then need to integrate these details with your overall multichannel marketing strategy. Developing and executing an effective mobile marketing strategy takes time, attention, and a keen understanding of every aspect of your market, your business, and even other businesses that provide the mobile services and connections you need.

You can make the processes as detailed and complex (or as simple) as you like, but keep in mind that developing a strategy is an iterative, try, learn, try again process. Take comfort, however, in the fact that firms both large and small throughout the world have developed and executed on mobile marketing strategies to generate results and return on their investments. You can do it, too!

This chapter outlines the process for mapping out your mobile marketing strategy. We explain how to formulate your objectives and identify key players in the mobile marketing industry that you need to interact with for your strategy to work. We show you how to calculate the costs ...

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