Chapter 6. Sending Multimedia Messages

In This Chapter

  • Understanding MMS capabilities

  • Building an MMS storyboard

  • Formatting MMS content

  • Working with MMS applications and partners

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) gives marketers the ability to deliver messages to mobile phones that tell a story with captivating images, sound, and full motion video. You can even use MMS to write long descriptions in alphanumeric text and to include links to mobile Web sites and other stuff without the 160 character limits that SMS messages impose.

In this chapter, we tell you all about using MMS for marketing. We show you how it is different from SMS. We also explain the types of content you can include within MMS messages and how to use this content to script compelling and engaging messages within your mobile marketing programs.

In addition, we show you the types of applications you can use to create your MMS content and explain how it is important for you to use a mobile marketing application provider that specializes in MMS to power your MMS programs. We also show you a number of MMS marketing examples to help stimulate your creative juices on how to use MMS for your business.

Comparing MMS to SMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) can be used to send messages in the same manner as Short Messaging Service (SMS), but MMS messages can contain a lot more content because MMS messages aren't limited to 160 characters of text and links as SMS messages are. The MMS messaging standard was created in 2001 after ...

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