Contributing Authors

When we started this project, we decided early on that no book about mobile marketing should be written by a single author because too many things are rapidly changing and emerging for one person to know everything.

To complete this book, we relied on the contributions of numerous leaders in the marketing industry. Each of them has shared their unique prospective and personal mobile marketing expertise.

The following contributors were instrumental in the development and authority of the material in this book. Our thanks and admiration goes out to each of them because they added a great deal of experience and value to the pages by writing and submitting many ideas, examples, and details that we may have otherwise overlooked. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Douglas Busk, executive vice president, mobile strategy and business development, Whoop: Doug holds more than a decade of mobile marketing and product development expertise. From leading text messaging at Verizon Wireless to advising the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign on its landmark mobile marketing efforts, if it can be done in wireless, Doug has done it. A dedicated proponent of not only the industry's powerful marketing capabilities, but its charitable possibilities as well, Doug helped lead the industry in the creation of non-profit giving via text messaging to benefit those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. In his "free" time, Doug has been an active participant in multiple industry groups, ...

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