Mobile Web Triage: What to Do When Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Book description

Maybe you’ve pulled up your website on a smartphone, and it needs some serious help. Page layouts have gone awry and navigation is painfully tedious to use. In meetings, your boss barks about the importance of mobile while pointing out (once again) that the site doesn’t look right on his iPad. You’ve been nominated to fix this mess, all the while wondering, “How did I suddenly become our company’s expert on mobile?”

If this experience sounds familiar, fear not . . . this book is here to help! Follow along with user experience designer and author Dennis Kardys and you will:

  • Examine some of the common issues that occur when a desktop site is rendered on a mobile device and learn immediate ways to fix the problems you encounter.

  • Review strategies for mobile support and optimization, like using a responsive redesign or developing a custom native application, as well as other solutions that in some cases may be a more practical next step.

  • Walk through design considerations for a custom mobile site so you can start serving up a better, more considered experience to your mobile users, laying the groundwork for a cohesive long-term strategy that provides a more accessible experience for all.

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Dedication
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. About the Author
    5. The Mobile Pain Point
      1. Why Mobile Matters
      2. The Significance of Low Mobile Traffic
        1. Google research: What users want from mobile today
      3. What to Expect in This Book
    6. Stop the Bleeding
      1. Problems with Viewports and Resizing
      2. Dealing with Unsupported Technology
        1. Flash
        2. Video formats
        3. Browsers that don’t support HTML5
        4. Modal windows
        5. Problems with <iframe>elements
        6. Designing on borrowed time
    7. Picking a Mobile Strategy
      1. Native Mobile Applications
      2. Responsive Design
      3. Separate Mobile Site
      4. Principles
        1. Centralize your content
        2. Aim for content parity
        3. Focus on people’s tasks, not their devices
    8. Starting with Content
      1. Content First
      2. Audit Your Content
      3. User Tasks and Business Goals
        1. Understanding users
        2. Establishing website objectives
      4. Qualitative Evaluation
      5. Mobile Content Modeling
    9. Mobile Interface Best Practices
      1. Native App vs. Web Conventions
      2. The Ins and Outs of Icons
        1. Icon fonts
        2. Trigger words
      3. Wayfinding and Navigation
        1. Navigation patterns
      4. Interface Principles
        1. Strip away interface
        2. Interact directly with content
        3. Accommodate multiple modes of input
      5. Typography for Mobile
        1. Font services
        2. Use easy-to-read fonts
        3. A warning about web fonts
    10. Sketching Your Interface
      1. Start with Content
      2. Sketching Scenarios
      3. Sketching the Flow
      4. Sketching Screens
      5. Sketching for Shared Understanding
    11. Prototyping Methods
      1. What Is Prototyping?
      2. Prototyping for the Code Averse
      3. Prototyping with Frameworks
      4. Prototyping for the Code Courageous
      5. Testing
    12. Optimizing Content
      1. A Focus on Performance
        1. Image compression
        2. Conditional loading
      2. Creating Fluid Media
        1. Handling video
        2. YouTube and Vimeo embeds
        3. HTML tables
      3. Enhancing Your Forms
        1. Tips for layout
        2. Setting intelligent defaults
    13. Serving Up Your Design
      1. Targeting Mobile Devices
        1. Testing browser capability
        2. User-agent sniffing
      2. Mobile Redirects
    14. To the Future
      1. One Web
      2. Conclusion
    15. Need More Fuel?
      1. Peachpit Newsletters
      2. Let’s be Friends on Social Media
    16. Powerful Ideas.Inspired eBooks.

    Product information

    • Title: Mobile Web Triage: What to Do When Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly
    • Author(s): Dennis Kardys
    • Release date: January 2014
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780133817553