Fortunately Hipcricket has many “raving fans”—clients who view us as partners rather than vendors. That surely is a testament to my talented colleagues. I’m a raving fan of the clients featured in this book as well as others who have taught me about real business challenges and mobile’s ability—or in some cases inability—to make a difference.

My fellow senior executives at Hipcricket have supported my work at the company and the writing of this manuscript. In particular, Paul Arena, Ivan Braiker, Eric Harber, Tom Virgin, and Doug Stovall have created and cultivated the collaborative culture that makes an endeavor like this possible.

Philippe Poutennet, our marketing director, provided important global and U.S. perspectives for this work as well as all the support one could want.

The team at fama PR deserves my deep gratitude. Calling an agency an extension of your team sounds trite, but in this case, it’s 100 percent accurate. Special thanks to Ed Harrison, who should be listed on Wikipedia as the ideal PR counsel and friend, as well as Nicole Cromwell and Keri Bertolino, who, like Ed, view our success as their own.

Shannon Vargo from John Wiley & Sons, Inc., has believed in this project from the beginning and has provided invaluable insights and support. Elana Schulman has been there at every step, and I thank her for her time and patience. I also salute the efforts of my production editor, Lauren Freestone.

I have wonderful support from friends, colleagues, and ...

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