Appendix A

Practical recipes

A.1 Plotting a ternary diagram

Denote the three vertices of the ternary diagram counterclockwise from the upper vertex as b02-math-0001, b02-math-0002, and b02-math-0003 (see Figure A.1). The scale of the plot is arbitrary and a unitary equilateral triangle can be chosen. Assume that b02-math-0004 are the plotting coordinates of the b02-math-0005 vertex. The b02-math-0006 vertex is then b02-math-0007 and the vertex b02-math-0008 has abscissa b02-math-0009; the square-height is obtained using Pythagoras' theorem: b02-math-0010. Thus, . These are the vertices of the triangle shown in Figure A.1

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