2 Modeling and Simulation of Silicon Nanowire-Based Biosensors

Guangyong Li, Yucai Wang and Quan Tao


2.1 Introduction

2.2 The Basics of SiNW-Based FET Biosensors

2.3 Theoretical Approaches

2.4 Simulation Results and Discussions

2.4.1 Surface Potential on SiNW

2.4.2 I-V Characteristics of SiNW FET Biosensors

2.4.3 Sensitivity Analysis

2.4.4 Discussion

2.5 Conclusions and Perspectives


2.1 Introduction

Quasi-one-dimensional semiconducting nanowires are considered the best candidates among transducer elements for biosensing because of their appealing characteristics such as high sensitivity due to the quantum confinement and the large surface-to-volume ratio, high stability due to the crystal structure, and potential to be configured ...

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