advertising, 1529

Akaike information criterion (AIC), 5

ARIMA model, see time series analysis

association rule, 4042


bag-of-words approach, see text analytics

bar chart, see data visualization

Bayes information criterion (BIC), 5

Bayesian statistics, 5, 178, 191, 233, 248

benchmark study, see simulation

best-worst scaling, 260

biclustering, 248

big data, 231235

biplot, see data visualization

block clustering, see biclustering

bootstrap, 8

box plot, see data visualization

brand equity research, 173209

bubble chart, see data visualization


call center scheduling, see workforce scheduling

choice study, 29

menu-based, 264

classical statistics, 5

classification, 2, 12, 113, 122, 240

accuracy, 240, 241

classification tree, see tree-structured ...

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