© Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor 2017

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor, Models to Code, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2217-1_1

1. The Modeling Landscape

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna2 and Stephen Mellor1

(1)San Francisco, California, USA

(2)Nipomo, California, USA

We could begin this book with a litany of the failings and sins of software development. We won’t bother with that. If you are a practicing software developer, you know the problems and have lived through them. Instead, we’ll get straight to the point.

We believe that modeling requirements and translating those models directly to code can solve many of the failings of software development. Unfortunately, a huge gap exists between creating requirement models and a running ...

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