© Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor 2017

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor, Models to Code, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2217-1_2

2. A Simple Executable Model

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna2 and Stephen Mellor1

(1)San Francisco, California, USA

(2)Nipomo, California, USA

This chapter describes the main elements that make up an executable model for a sample application. The application is deliberately small so that we can show how to translate the whole model into running code, with no mysterious gaps. We’ll use the same principles later to build larger, more complex applications.

This chapter also serves to explain our interpretation of UML graphical notation. We use UML graphical notation to represent the model, but xUML varies considerably ...

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