International Relations/ Global Security
The transformation from traditional war between nation-states to conict between
nation-states and nonstate actors requires decision makers, policy analysts, military
commanders, intelligence ofcials, and legislators to answer the question: is there
a strategy for an unwinnable conict? This question takes on particular urgency
given the extraordinary number of conict points that dene the current state of
international relations.
Modern Geopolitics and Security: Strategies for Unwinnable Conicts
on the authors extensive experience in counterterrorism, negotiation, and the
implementation of the Oslo Peace Process with his more recent work in academia.
The book uses an interdisciplinary case study model to illustrate valuable lessons
learned and best practices in strategic analysis and decision making that are based on
international relations, international law, and negotiation/intervention.
The book denes sovereignty, intervention, geopolitics, security, and what they
mean in a global landscape. It examines historical examples of global crises and
security concerns as well as contemporary geopolitical issues, including the Israeli-
Palestinian conict, intervention in Libya, non-intervention in Syria, the Good
Friday Agreement, the conict in the former Yugoslavia, and the Arab Spring.
We are entering a new era, where disaffected individuals who are willing and able
to act have more power and potential inuence than ever before. Conicts like those
occurring in Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and elsewhere are all complex
organisms—nuanced as never before. Add in increasing regional asymmetrical
conicts, global economic strain, social media, and the accelerating speed of
communication, ideological and regional state versus nonstate conicts—such as in
the case of al-Qaeda and other such movements—and traditional “business as usual”
geopolitics is somewhat being turned on its head.
Modern Geopolitics and Security
addresses topics that arent currently covered
anywhereestablishing a new paradigm to rethink modern geopolitics, given new
and emerging challenges to traditional schools of thought.
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and Security
Strategies for Unwinnable Conflicts
Amos N. Guiora
Modern Geopolitics and Security
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