Page numbers followed by f, t and n denotes figures, tables and notes, respectively.


ACAR (aluminum conductor alloy reinforced) bundled conductors

capacitive reactance of, 612–617

Acceleration factors, application of, 482, 482f

AC relay connection, 383

AC solution, 513

ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) bundled conductors

capacitive reactance of, 609–611

Active power flow, 513

Admittance, 500t

diagram, 410

matrix, 335, 336, 358, 483

in megohms, 28

Admittance (mho) relay, 429–431, 430f, 431f

Air capacitances, 189, 191

Air-cored-type reactors, 181

Alpha diagram, 411

Aluminum cable

characteristics of, 542–545

expanded, 546

Aluminum ...

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