Modern Software Engineering: Continuous Delivery and Microservices with .NET (MeasureUP Conference)

Video description

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Modern Software Engineering: Continuous Delivery and Microservices with .NET is a video compilation of the MeasureUP 2016 conference in Austin, Texas. MeasureUP ( aims to allow attendees to deliver custom business software of high-quality with great speed. The conference covers topics from methodology and process to deep dives into the most relevant Microsoft platform technologies.

The three conference tracks—Business, Development, and DevOps—focus on how to provide custom business software with a competitive advantage. MeasureUP is an informative, educational conference with more than 11 sessions from well-known and respected professionals and MVPs.

Attendees include IT managers, architects, engineers, developers, and anyone in the critical path of designing, developing, maintaining, and supporting custom business software.

Presentations include

Keynote: Modern Software Delivery—Jeffrey Palermo
An ASP.NET Core All-You-Can-Eat Buffet—James Chambers
Bringing DevOps to the Database—Steve Jones
A Sync Full of C# Tasks—Simon Timms
The Art of Software Development—Rod Paddock
How Docker Simplifies CI/CD—Gabriel Schenker
Building Single-Page Apps with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core—Brian Sullivan
Hello Azure Functions—Shawn Weisfeld
An Introduction to React JS—Chris Harrington
Beautiful Web APIs using ASP.Net Core—Kyle Nunery
Success as a Remote Worker—James Chambers

About the Conference

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure managing partner and CEO, is the conference keynote speaker. Jeffrey specializes in Agile coaching and helps companies double the productivity of software teams. Jeffrey is an MCSD.NET, Microsoft MVP, Certified ScrumMaster, Austin .Net User Group leader, AgileAustin board member, and an INETA speaker and Membership Mentor. He is an ASP.NET expert and has been working with Microsoft on the MVC framework since the initial prototype in March 2007. He is the author of ASP.NET MVC 5 LiveLessons (Sams).

Clear Measure is the host and primary sponsor of MeasureUP 2016. Clear Measure is an expert professional services company providing software engineering and consulting for business-critical, custom software systems.

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Product information

  • Title: Modern Software Engineering: Continuous Delivery and Microservices with .NET (MeasureUP Conference)
  • Author(s): Clear Measure
  • Release date: October 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134665724