Modern Web Design with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

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Discover how to create responsive, fully interactive, and modern design websites with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

About This Video

  • Design robust and fully responsive custom websites
  • Apply modern web design techniques with HTML5 and CSS3 using the latest syntax
  • Discover fun fonts in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and learn how to add Google Fonts to your website using Google Fonts CSS
  • Code proficiently with HTML and CSS

In Detail

Responsive websites are the future. They allow your site to adapt to different screen sizes, which means that regardless of the device your web visitors are using, they get the best possible glimpse into your business or service.

By exploring this course, you will be able to pursue a career as a web designer and front-end web developer with your newly acquired knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and responsive design. In this hands-on course that covers the core aspects of front-end web design, you will discover how to design and create amazing websites that are mobile-ready, interactive, and modern.

The course will guide you on how to create custom websites with amazing HTML pages, add styling with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and make them dynamic and interactive with JavaScript to bring them to life. In case you do not have any prior coding experience, this course will help you understand the basics. It goes on to cover essential tools and top resources to help you build on your website development skills. As you progress, you will gradually encounter 25 coding challenges that will ensure you get hands-on experience in front-end web design and web development.

By the end of this course, you will have gained the skills you need to create professional websites.

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  • Title: Modern Web Design with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Author(s): Laurence Svekis
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781800563179