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Money Fight Club: The smart way to save money one punch at a time

Book Description

From the moment you open 'Money Fight Club' you will begin training for a fitter financial future. Your attitude to money and how you spend it will change forever. You'll be shown how to take better care of your cash and make the best use of opportunities to save money. 'Money Fight Club' has the power to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year on your personal and household bills. It will also put you on your guard against paying too much for life's essentials and buying things you don't need, or which aren't the bargains you thought they were. 'Money Fight Club' gives you the moves to fight back and look after your money. The areas of training covered include: - Shopping for food - Utility bills - Rent, mortgages and property costs - Travel costs - Saving for the future Authors Anne Caborn and Lindsay Cook are cage fighters of cash; martial arts masters of money. They have black belts in beating businesses into a bruised pulp of contrition, whether they're fighting their own corners or other people's. They will show you exactly what to watch out for and how to get even, turning the tables so you get the most for your money. They also show you how to get back your cash or seek compensation if you do get ripped off. If you've been looking for guidance in organising your finances and making better use of your cash, join 'Money Fight Club' today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Follow Us, Like Us,Email Us
  4. Why You Need Money Fight Club
  5. How the book is organised
  6. Money management is a contact sport
  7. Before you step into the ring
  8. What Makes A Money Fighter
  9. The 6 Golden Rules of Money Fight Club
  10. The Money Fight Club fitness test
  11. Fighting styles
    1. Mind your manners
  12. Your rights – adding extra punch
  13. Why the good guy (or girl) wins
  14. Round 1: Food Wars
    1. Price hunting
    2. Food fighter tactics
    3. Vouchers — double-edged swords
    4. Cash-back cards
    5. Never trust a till
    6. Keep your receipts
    7. Offers and unit pricing
    8. Online food shopping
    9. Food for thought?
  15. Round 2: Household Bills
    1. Gas and electric
    2. Council tax
    3. Water
    4. Phones
    5. Television and broadband
    6. Household insurance
    7. Can you handle bills like a gazillionaire?
  16. Round 3 – Banks and Finance
    1. Current accounts
    2. Savings accounts
    3. Debit, credit and store cards
    4. Loans
    5. Borrowing or saving — don’t be grateful
  17. Round 4: Defending Your Home
    1. Buying and selling property
    2. Renting
    3. Home insurance
    4. The word ‘home’ clouds our judgment
  18. Round 5: Travel
    1. Travelling to work
    2. Trains
    3. Planes
    4. Automobiles
    5. Travel insurance
    6. Don’t think travel — think military logistics
  19. Round 6: Financing The Future
    1. When to start saving
    2. Longer-term saving
    3. Pensions
    4. Surprises around the corner
    5. Meet your future self
  20. Round 7: Tax
    1. The 2013-14 tax picture
    2. Dodge the punches and land a few of your own
  21. Round 8: Never Be Blindsided
    1. Know what you have to spend
  22. Round 8: Being Prepared For The Worst Isn’t All Bad
  23. Appendices
    1. Sample email
    2. Sample letter
    3. Directory