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MongoDB for Data Modelers

Video Description

Recorded live at Data Modeling Zone!

MongoDB has become a disruptive database in the development world, and is often introduced into organizations by developers who are looking to take advantage of the flexibility of the schema-less document model. But while it has been a blessing for developers, it has been a source of some contention for DBAs and Data Modelers, who are rightfully concerned that they were being pushed out of the conversation. As the product has evolved (esspecially over the last two years), MongoDB is now ready to play well with others, and has the foundation for integrating into a data modeling life cycle.

This talk will address:
  • What is MongoDB and why are you likely to find it lurking in your organization?
  • What is the MongoDB document model?
  • How MongoDB tooling allows for having a formal modeling process, while still allowing the power of the document model to be realized.
  • How to approach data modeling for the document model.

Table of Contents

  1. MongoDB Overview 1:04:08
  2. Thinking in Documents 00:57:59