MongoDB Tools and Services

Video Description

Working with the Tools and Services in MongoDB

About This Video

  • Understand the complex MongoDB querying and data modeling aspects

  • Master the CRUD operations and improve the performance of your database

  • Comprehensive, easy to follow tutorial for designing and managing efficient database solutions using MongoDB

  • In Detail

    You have achieved high availability and high-performance database for your applications with MongoDB. But what if we told you that you make it better and faster? MongoDB provides excellent set of tools and services to maximize your application’s performance.

    The course takes you through real world examples that you can watch and use directly for your application. You will learn the ins and outs through the hacks covered in the course. This is your one stop course to boost your application performance for your audience.

    In this video course, we will explore the profiling and performance tools for MongoDB. We will make it even more accessible by moving to MongoDB cloud services, including analytics, automation, and even database-as-a-service. Finally, we will show different MongoDB cluster architectures affect application performance, scalability and reliability.

    Product Information

    • Title: MongoDB Tools and Services
    • Author(s): Rick Copeland
    • Release date: June 2017
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781788297202