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Moodle 2.3 Multimedia

Video Description

Enhance your course and enthrall your audience using captivating multimedia

About This Video

  • Create rich summary sections as well as activities for your Moodle courses using Moodle activities and external resources

  • Learn how to create comprehensive surveys, depict statistical data in captivating charts, and use different resources to compile data as well as interactive documents

  • Integrate several file types designed using different types of software into your Moodle courses - learn how to create and embed documents or upload them to your Moodle courses using e-portfolios

  • Use recordings available on the Web or record your own clips using convenient online resources and convert your content such as MIDI files to the universally compatible mp3 format

  • Embed videos from different websites, or create and edit your own using tools from the cloud and add them to your Moodle courses

  • In Detail

    Moodle 2.3 Multimedia provides plenty of recipes that will guide you through how to add, embed, and link several multimedia resources into your Moodle courses. Learn to deal with surveys, charts, and files, as well as e-portfolios, and enhance your Moodle courses

    Moodle 2.3 Multimedia will help you design and create interactive Moodle courses using a combination of technologies (free and open source) as well as services available on the Web, making your courses more appealing and captivating to students.

    This course also includes working with e-portfolios and social networks — a powerful element to take into account when designing your Moodle activities and course summaries.

    Moodle 2.3 Multimedia begins with an overview of designing rich course activities and summaries, then moves on to creating surveys and embedding charts within a course. Later on, you will create and embed your own videos in the Moodle course.

    Then, we take it one step further as we add (and edit) sounds to our activities. Learn how to design, edit, and embed 3D videos in your course using the online software Alice. We’ll also cover how to create live screencasts, which can be converted into videos and embedded in your course.

    This course will show you how to augment the effectiveness of your Moodle course through creating and embedding interactive and eye-catching multimedia elements such as images, charts, interactive documents, audio, screencasts, video, e-portfolios, and social networks that will enthrall your audience.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Interactive User eXperiences
      1. Designing a Multimedia Course Summary 00:02:32
      2. Embedding a Glogster into Our Moodle Course 00:01:28
      3. Creating a Crossword with 3D Images 00:02:04
      4. Uploading the Crossword to Moodle 00:01:41
      5. Designing a Questionnaire using Google Docs 00:02:02
    2. Chapter 2 : Surveys, Statistics, and Charts
      1. Designing a Survey 00:02:19
      2. Using the Data to Draw a Chart 00:01:38
      3. Embedding a 3D Chart 00:01:45
      4. Uploading MP3 Files to Charts 00:02:01
      5. Embedding a 3D Chart with MP3 Files 00:01:19
    3. Chapter 3 : Uploading and Embedding Files
      1. Creating a PDF and Uploading to Moodle 00:02:06
      2. Designing a Presentation with Hyperlinks and Videos 00:01:51
      3. Designing a Screencast with the Presentation 00:01:52
      4. Embedding the Presentation from YouTube 00:01:18
      5. Creating a Presentation in Google Docs and Sharing It 00:02:02
    4. Chpater 4 : Sounds, MIDI, and MP3 Files
      1. Finding Free MP3 Files and Uploading Them to Moodle 00:01:43
      2. Editing MP3 Files 00:01:43
      3. Looking for MIDI Files and Converting to MP3 Files 00:01:16
      4. Creating a Playlist 00:01:24
      5. Adding Sounds to Activities 00:01:05
    5. Chapter 5 : Alice in Moodle
      1. Installing Alice 00:01:15
      2. Creating a Scenery in Alice 00:01:20
      3. Adding Movement in the Scenery 00:01:15
      4. Creating a Video and Uploading to YouTube 00:01:14
      5. Embedding the Video Created in Alice in Moodle 00:01:20
    6. Chapter 6 : Using, Editing, and Embedding videos
      1. Creating a Screencast 00:01:27
      2. Editing a Screencast 00:00:51
      3. Creating a Playlist of Videos 00:01:39
      4. Editing Existing Videos and Creating a New One 00:01:25
      5. Embedding Videos, Playlists, or Screencasts in Moodle 00:01:13
    7. Chapter 7 : Repositories and E-portfolios
      1. Enabling Flickr Public 00:01:13
      2. Designing an Activity Using Flickr Public 00:01:30
      3. Adding a Box.net E-Portfolio 00:01:23
      4. Enabling Box.net E-Portfolio 00:01:34
      5. Enabling Dropbox 00:02:00
    8. Chapter 8 : Embedding Social Networks in Moodle
      1. Creating an Account and a Page on Facebook 00:01:26
      2. Embedding a Facebook Button in Moodle 00:01:31
      3. Creating a Flickr Account and Embedding It in Moodle 00:01:30
      4. Embedding Twitter in Moodle 00:00:58
      5. YouTube in Moodle 00:01:31