Handling the Moodle login event

Recall that when a user clicks on a link to a protected resource, Moodle calls loginpage_hook() in each enabled authentication plugin. To handle this, let us first implement loginpage_hook(). In Eclipse, add the following lines to auth.php:

 /**      * Will get called before the login page is shown.       *      */     function loginpage_hook() {                 $client_key = $this->config->client_key;         $client_secret = $this->config->client_secret;         $wordpress_host = $this->config->wordpress_host;                 if( (strlen($wordpress_host) > 0) && (strlen($client_key) > 0) && (strlen($client_secret) > 0) ) {             // kick ff the authentication process             $connection = new BasicOAuth($client_key, $client_secret);          // strip the trailing slashes from the end ...

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