Chapter 4

Creating Your Course

In This Chapter

  • Setting up your course on a Moodle site
  • Mastering registration
  • Adding learners to your course and keeping them there
  • Understanding everything about Moodle user roles
  • Creating groups
  • Letting everyone know your course is ready
  • Setting up PayPal so you can charge for your course

When you've created your Moodle course and you have the beginnings of it ready to go, you can start announcing it to the world (or your organization) and get learners into your course. Teacher and Course Creator user accounts have permissions enabling you to structure and make changes to the Moodle default course settings. This chapter helps you enroll learners, set permissions, and get the word out. I also explain a few basic settings that can help you organize and deliver a fabulous course.

For this chapter, I assume that you

  • Have a Moodle site running on a hosted server, or you have access to it through your organization or educational establishment.
  • Your course has been set up.
  • You're ready to structure your course to meet the needs of your learners and achieve your teaching goals.

If you don't have a site and/or course set up, please go to Chapter 3 and Chapter 13, where I tell you how to get your own Moodle site and walk you through adding your first course. This chapter guides you through only some of the site settings.

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