Course-Building Checklist

Here are a number of techniques and strategies to consider before you start building your course:

Course Starting Point — The Introduction

  • Has an e-mail been prepared/sent to your learners informing them about how to gain access your course?
  • How will learners contact you? Instruct them to use e-mail and/or use messaging in Moodle.
  • If this is a large Moodle site that's part of your organization, is there technical support? Provide learners with technical support contact — you'll save time if someone else can troubleshoot.
  • If learners need to use a different language for the browser, how will you get the information to them?
  • Will you be using the news forum from day one? How will you inform your learners to begin? READ FIRST PLEASE documents are useful, though the younger generations may skip them altogether if they have login info and can jump straight in.

Course Organization and Design

  • Are font styles, content layout, and organization consistent throughout the course? Do you need to follow departmental or organization protocol and design?
  • Will you be using an introduction session with a syllabus and course schedule to teach learners how to navigate your course?
  • Will you give any type of training and/or introduction on how to use Moodle?
  • Are course goals and objectives identified in your syllabus and in your introduction unit?

    image Make sure that the goals ...

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