Editing Fundamentals

Moodle gives you resources to set up, edit, and maneuver almost every aspect of your course. The editing tool icons are structured into four groups: general, middle column (the main course section), blocks, and activities/resources. I describe each group here and show you what the icons look like.

General icons

image Two general icons — the help icon and the main editing icon (both shown here) — are used across all Moodle tools. Some of the icons will also be available to your learners in activities they have permission to develop and edit, such as wikis, glossaries, and databases.

Middle column

The middle column is the main course section. After you've chosen a format for your course (weeks or topics are most frequently used), Moodle provides you with specific tools to add, alter, and customize the main section used by your learners. You can add a summary to the sections by selecting the standalone edit icon. You move sections, resources, and activities up or down to change the order in which the course is displayed. You can hide whole sections from learners or make them visible. If you set up your course by topics, you have an extra icon allowing you to set it as the current topic. You can also compress and display only the current topic (kind of an accordion functionality). Table 3-1 lists the icons used in the middle column.

Table 3-1 Editing in the Front Page's ...

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