Exploring the Grader Report Pages in Moodle

When you initially set up activities in Moodle, you can set up most of them to be graded; to do so, simply choose the grading option during setup. Moodle automatically records the activity in the grade book and records the grades after learners complete the work and you mark it. Or if it's a quiz, Moodle marks it automatically and pushes the grade to the grade book. You don't have to do a thing! See Chapter 11 to read more about the Quiz module. The Assignment module (see Chapter 10) is set up so you can create course-specific activities outside the scope of Moodle and enter the grades manually in the grade book, allowing for a complete record for your purposes. Your learners can access their grade books at anytime and see anything that will be evaluated with a grade or a scale. As soon as you add grades/comments, learners can see them.

Moodle has tools that calculate, aggregate, and display grades in standard formats that support most educational and training organizations' requirements. Moodle also includes exporting functionalities that instructors can use to export and upload grades to an organization's database. Before you start using this grading tool (which will save you from marking and calculating overall grades), you need to become familiar with the Grade module, so I start this chapter by giving you a tour of the tabs you find on the Grader Report pages.

Discovering the Grader Report tabs

From your course front page, locate ...

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