Managing and Administering Lessons

After you set up the core structure of the new lesson for your learners, you can start populating it with content and questions. It isn't as difficult as you may think, but because it's an activity enabling you to create instruction and assessment, it's more time-consuming than some of the other activities — but well worth it!

Checking out a lesson page

After you first create a new lesson, click the lesson icon on the course front page, and Moodle takes you to a How to Add Lessons to Your Class page, with the Edit tab open. (See Figure 9-15.) Here you have four options:

  • Import Questions: Allows you to import from different formats such as Microsoft Word, Hot Potatoes, Blackboard, and Examview, creating a question for each.
  • Import PowerPoint: Slides from a presentation are imported as branch tables, including previous and next answers.
  • Add a Branch Table: Creating a branch table provides your learners with a method of moving through pre-order pages where you create branches or paths. The main difference between branch pages and question pages is that branch pages enable learners to choose their own paths through the information. They don't receive page responses, and moving through the lesson doesn't impact their grade. If you want students to move through the information in a specified order, there's no reason for you to use branch table lessons; instead use the question page.
  • Add a Question Page: Question pages are similar to branch pages but ...

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